after summer zine

“Lessons from encounters; a love story between desire and abjection; movement that emerges from contact: after summer is a map of and for an everyday erotics.

The zine [...] includes a series of images: Aurore Clément and Magali Noël in Les Rendez-vous d’Anna, Chantal Akerman in La Chambre, my mom in bed during the shoot of our reenactment, and two photos by Donna Gottschalk—Sleepers (1970) and Revolutionary Women’s Conference (1970).” —Lauren Bakst

Created & performed by Lauren Bakst
Publication designed & printed by Connie Yu
On occasion of after summer, or not in the kitchen (the bed, the bathroom, the dance floor and other spaces) at The Kitchen at Queenslab
December 2019
One-page booklet with stapled cover and foldout poster
Book: 4.25 x 5.5 in; poster: 17 x 11 in
Risograph printed in Federal Blue, Black, Bright Red on French Paper
Edition of 200

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